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EvaPOOrate Toilet Spray

EvaPOOrate Toilet Spray

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Introducing evaPOOrate Toilet Spray to keep your bowl smelling fresh all day long.

Super strong fragrance formula uses no parabens, harsh chemicals, or dyes. A must for everyone in the house :)

Available in a convenient travel-size 2 oz. white spray bottle to take with you or a larger 4 oz. size for permanent duty in your home.

To use, simply shake vigorously and spritz 4-6 sprays onto the surface of the bowl water. The essential and fragrance oils form a barrier to trap unwanted odors from rising to the surface. Safe for public and septic systems.

evaPOOrate -- "Just Flush and Forget without Regret"

Choose from the following scents or request a custom fragrance for FREE :)

BARBIE SPARKLE:  New for 2023!  Notes of fresh strawberries, red fruits, wild roses, marshmallow sweetness, and just a touch of pink goodness!

HOUSE OF LORDS: Refined blend of Lavender, Oakmoss, Dark Woods, Bourbon, and a touch of Tobacco Leaf. 🤴💂‍♀️

ROSES AND RIPPLES: Tea Rose, White Jasmine, and Honeysuckle swirl together in a pool of refreshingly cool water. 🌸💧

THRONE & THISTLE: Forged with the unmistakable scent of fresh balsam, fresh-cut cedar, woodland berries, and green citrus. 🌲🍇

LAVENDERLY LOO: This is not your grandmother's Lavender. Fused with Fresh Rosemary and Lemon Peel, this Lavender blend pulls double duty to do the job.🌷🌿

RASPBERRY PATCHOULI: Deep and earthly sweet Patchouli pairs with tart red raspberries for an unusual yet powerful odor blockbuster.🍒🍇

WOODS & WATER: Forest Timbers, Precious Resins, Atmosphere, and Summer Rains. This one really answers the "Call of Nature." 🏞

TRONE DE CITRON: This porcelain "throne" scent fills the air with notes of crisp grapefruit, bright juicy oranges, and Meyer lemons. Clean, fresh, and invigorating! 🍊

JARDIN DE JASMIN: Just like a walk through a jasmine garden bursting with rich velvety notes of Jasmin Absolute, Magnolia Blossom, and other white florals. 🌸

FLEUR DE LOO: It's a floral "bowl-quet" for your bathroom! Fresh-cut roses, vibrant spring lilac, dew-kissed lily of the valley, and more! 🌻

BUBBLE-BUMS: NEW! Got kids? This TOOTy-fruity scent smells like cotton-candy and bubblegum 🍇

DRAGONFYRE: Scare those unpleasant bathroom aromas away with our newest "Dragonfyre" EvaPOOrate spray--a blast of wild cherry, hot cinnamon, juniper berry, and smokey ambers. 🐉

SHALE & SLATE: Cool earthen notes of patchouli, musk, and amber mellow against powdery sage and crisp citrus.🏔

DUKE DU LOO: Reminiscent of a fine country gentlemen's club, this blend of leather, tobacco, and evergreens clears the air in more ways than one.🦌

sPOOk: Scare away all those nasty odors that haunt your bathrooms long after you've "gone" with this spicy mix of Arabian frankincense, Moroccan spices, and cardamon. 😱

POOMPKIN: Limited edition! This spray is so full of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, pumpkin, and other Autumn scents, no one will ever know you what you really carved 🎃

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